About CPT

Introduction of CPT

"29 years experiences in the field of temperature control, physical & chemical experimental equipment,
semi-conductor equipment, new materials research & development equipment and battery".

Cold Trap Bath / Viscometer Bath / Refrigerating Bath Circulator


As a venture company, CPT Inc is specialized in the distribution of experimental units for
temperature control, stability, uniformity ±0.01℃ / ±0.05℃ which are being used in the fields of
various physical & chemical test units, semi-conductor units, new materials research & development
units, battery, chemical substances research & development units and biotechnology and tried our best
in the field of temperature control for the satisfaction of our customers for the last 29 years.
At the moment, we have a strong belief that development of new products and high quality are our
unique road and our products are being managed under strict quality control of CE, ISO9001 & ISO14001.
Also, we are trying our utmost to make competitive & excellent products through our laboratory which was
founded in 2002.

Our main items are Chiller / Precision control for low-temperature circulating water bath ± 0.005 ℃ / Precision for constant temperature circulating water bath / viscosity Beth / oil bath / ± 0.01 ℃ temperature generator / Cold Trap / sample preparation system / ± 0.01 ℃ for precision control produces a constant temperature humidity chamber (physical & chemical test units, semi-conductor test units).