About CPT


"Zero-defect production system introduced in 2011." Always the customers requirements and reliable company CPT.


Since established in 1991, our products constantly thank your CPT Inc Ti generous support and encouragement given to employees to truly represent the using.

CPT Inc is a venture company that sells CPT produced by a variety of physical and chemical research and development laboratory equipment and semiconductor equipment has sought to meet the needs for a while.

With a firm belief that the current development of new products and high quality is the only long CE, ISO9001, 14001 electrical safety standard / under strict control of quality standards flawless production environment are being operated.

All employees, including low-affiliated research institute founded in 2002 as a center, we will create a superior product at competitive do our best to bar work undertaken want to create a world-class company.

We Ltd CP Ti always do our best to give more satisfaction to customers further more love and trusted enterprise customers.

Thank you.